Schafer is pleased to announce that the Government Services Sector (GSS) has been awarded a task order by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) Red Team and Net Assessment (RTNA) Directorate to support the Net Assessments (NA) division.

Schafer will assist the NA division with assessing the effectiveness of planned and deployed Preventive Radiological Nuclear Detection (PRND) capabilities to ensure mission success. DNDO’s mission is to protect the United States, its people, territory, and its interests against unauthorized importation, possession, transportation, development, or use of a nuclear explosive device, special nuclear material, or radiological material and to protect against attacks using such devices or materials.

“It is because of Schafer’s hard working and knowledgeable employees that we continue to receive opportunities like this in support of DNDO’s mission,” said Ramesh Ramaswamy, Schafer’s DHS General Manager. “We are honored that DNDO awarded this effort and it exemplifies the continued growth Schafer has experienced due to our employees’ success and dedication.”