Schafer is pleased to announce the Government Services Sector (GSS) received an award to provide program management support to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity Coordination (DCC). This is a one-year firm fixed price effort with a requirement for two FTEs and access to cyber security subject matter experts to support the Enduring Security Framework (ESF) initiative. DCC is a new office within NPPD with potential for significant expansion over the next few years. Our personnel will be the first SETA support team brought onboard to support DCC and will be positioned to grow with this new office.

Schafer will be working on collaborative cyber security activities with the Department of Defense (including U.S. Cyber Command) and the National Security Agency to ensure increased interdepartmental coordination of strategic planning efforts for the Nation’s cyber security. Additionally, Schafer will help DCC to coordinate effort across the homeland security community to protect our nation’s information infrastructure by working closing with agencies across the U.S. government and the private sector (including Fortune 500 companies) to promote technological advances that enable government, the private sector, and the public to build a safer cyber ecosystem.

This contract was awarded through a partnership with Schafer’s DHS Small Business Technical, Acquisition and Business Support Services (TABSS) partner Zantech IT. This win recognizes DHS’s continued reliance on Schafer to deliver the highest quality of services possible, will allow Schafer to expand our cyber efforts to a new customer, and further increase our cyber security based operational and technical expertise.