Our Livermore Laboratory comprises a versatile set of research, development, design, and fabrication capabilities allowing rapid response to customer needs. We are especially interested in providing start-up and expanding companies with resources to develop and implement early-stage ideas. We specialize in providing components and complex assemblies at the millimeter to centimeter scale with sub-micron tolerances, and from materials including metals, metal films and coatings (including custom mixtures), polymers, polymer films, and aerogels and other low density high porosity materials. These capabilities find applications in microfluidics, medical device development, sensor technologies, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). We also design and provide larger scale components using conventional and precision CNC machining, as well as our versatile thin-film coatings laboratory. Our engineering staff can design and build customer specified fixturing and component manipulation and testing equipment.

Much of our work is at the cutting edge, and example publications and presentations of our contributions to technology innovation and development are available on-line.

Key Technical Expertise

  • Ultra-precise and Conventional CNC Machine Tool Fabrication
  • Precision Design and Engineering
  • Materials Development, Fabrication, Characterization and Analysis
  • Sub-micron Scale Metrology