Why Schafer

In the past, claims of commercial capability to provide sufficient technical SSA would not have been deemed credible or were very costly. However, advancements in commercial technology for advanced optics and phased array radar have changed the equation. The Schafer team brings a new generation of capabilities including collecting, processing, and disseminating into a powerful commercial SSA enterprise to the commercial and Government marketplace.

Our Team

Each team member is an acknowledged leader in its technical area of expertise and is solution-development oriented. Each retains the rights to commercialize capabilities developed as SIBRS (small business) or as contract deliverables. The companies are well-run and have reputations for highest integrity and helping customers succeed.

Schafer Corporation
Team prime with more than 40 years supporting space customers with advanced space engineering and operations technical solutions, expertise, and engineering.
  • Mission Expertise
    • Space Situational Awareness
    • Off and Def Space Control
    • Space Planning, Launch, Operations, M&S: HTV-2, ANGELS, Odyssey RPO
  • High Data Rate Lasercomm
  • Systems and Technologies
    • Raven small telescope
    • NASA meter class autonomous telescope
    • MATS, Mojave, LaWS, MDOS
  • Multisource Exploitation for SSA
  • Simulation and Technology Assessment (SANTA)
  • Telescope and EO Systems
    • Adv Maui Optical and Supercomputing site (AMOS)
    • Multi-Mission Deployable Optical System (MDOS)
    • Mobile Acquisition and Tracking System (MATS)
    • Pacific Sail and Denali
    • AF/NASA Meter Class Autonomous Telescope
Schafer Corporation Website
Aon Corporation
Insurance packages for launch and on-orbit operations to measure risk and protect against loss.
  • Dedicated exclusively to the space industry
  • Insights into calculating risk
  • Access to insurance underwriters
  • Experts in space engineering, contract negotiation, finance, risk management and insurance
  • Currently place over 35% of the world’s space insurance premium
  • Deals with launch vehicle failure or more complex claims which bring into play issues of:
    • loss quantification
    • quantum
    • failure modes
    • time to failure
    • salvage
    • subrogation rights
  • Effective claims collection strategy is one which is simple, measured, flexible and adaptable
Aon Corporation Website
The Design Knowledge Company
Common Operational Picture developer to JSpOC for JMS program of record.
  • Common Operating Pictures for SSA
  • Data Fusion
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Joint Space Operations Center Mission System (JMS)
  • Automated Work Environment
The Design Knowledge Company Website
ExoAnalytic Solutions
Worldwide commercial GEO, HEO, and MEO collection enterprise with more than 80 telescopes, instantaneous orbit verification, and ESpOC common operational picture.
  • Global Network of 70+ telescopes
  • Optical Tracking, Signature Collection, and Processing
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Dim Object Detection
  • Orbit Determination
  • Catalog Maintenance
  • Satellite Imaging and Image Processing
  • Conjunction Analysis and Alerts
  • Common Operational Picture
  • Network Operations Center
  • Missile Defense
ExoAnalytic Solutions Website
MEI Technologies
Development and delivery of space ready commercial payloads, experiments, and components.
  • Payload Design, Development, and Integration
  • Payload Test and Verification
  • Risk Management for NASA and DoD
  • DoD, NASA, and Commercial Payloads
  • Experiments and Experiment Platforms Including Laser Sensors
  • ISS, Shuttle, and Sub-Orbital Experiments, Payloads, Spacecraft
  • NASA and DoD Interface Including C&HD, Tracking Antennas, and TreK
MEI Technologies Website
Development and delivery of small satellites, experiments, and components.
  • NASA Interface
  • Payload Design
  • Payload Manufacturing
  • Payload Testing
  • Payload Integration
  • Space Operations
  • ISS Payloads
  • Small Satellites
NanoRacks Website
Open source collection of actuarial data for space events dating back to Sputnik and the commercial SpaceTrak subscription.
  • Highly detailed databases
  • Risk assessments
  • Failure data
  • Insurance claims
  • Failure probabilities
  • Launch histories
  • Launch manifests
Seradata Website
SRI International
Commercial passive RF tracking of satellites and space debris with highly accurate ranging.
  • Passive RF Tracking and Spectrum Scanning with the Allen Telescope Array
  • CubeSat Mission Design and Implementation
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar Payload Design and Implementation
  • Ground-Based Phased-Array Radars for LEO Tracking (Spinning Off LeoLabs in 2016)
SRI International Website
Vision Engineering Solutions
Commercial launch to LEO tracking, imaging, characterizing in multiple bands and modalities for LEO and other orbit regimes.
  • SSA Optical Data Collection and Analysis
  • Deployable Optical Tracking and Imaging Systems
  • Optical System Design, Build, Test, and Employment
  • Automated Optical Tracking Software
  • Satellite Tracking in All Orbital Regimes
  • Systems Engineering
Vision Engineering Solutions Website

What We Bring To The Table

Through our collection, correlation, and data processing, we “see” the majority of satellites and debris in earth orbit. Our team has the capability and capacity to track, catalog, and characterize space objects using multiple modalities. The result is the most comprehensive technical capability available on the commercial market. Our data is not restricted by Government levels of classification and is immediately available to our customers in a form and format that serves their purposes.