Asynchrony Founders: Dave Elfanbaum, Steve Elfanbaum, Nate McKie, and Bob Elfanbaum

Asynchrony Founders: Dave Elfanbaum, Steve Elfanbaum, Nate McKie, and Bob Elfanbaum

Founded by brothers, Bob, Steve and Dave Elfanbaum, and their friend, Nate McKie, Asynchrony is celebrating its 15th anniversary this month. Starting as a web-based community and evolving into an information technology consulting firm, Asynchrony has grown into a thriving company of 200 employees. Asynchrony’s evolution has played an integral role in attracting IT talent to St. Louis and contributing to the city’s growth as the “Tech Hub” of the Midwest.

With the mission of creating high-impact software solutions through ongoing client collaboration, iterative development and continuous testing, the company specializes in application development, mobile computing, systems and sensor integration, enterprise architecture and tactical collaboration.

“A lot of things have changed at Asynchrony over the past 15 years but we’ve always used change as an opportunity to thrive,” said Bob Elfanbaum, co-founder and General Manager of Asynchrony. “We strive to help organizations gain that same mindset — moving from seeing change as a risk to manage, to using change as an opportunity to thrive in the unforeseeable future.”

Asynchrony is a recognized leader in Agile development practices after becoming an early adopter of the practice over a decade ago. The company remains one of only a handful of contractors delivering true Agile solutions for the Department of Defense. The workplace and practices at Asynchrony are designed to spur creativity and foster consistent innovation. Open work spaces promote ad-hoc collaboration, employing tools as low-tech as white boards and as high-tech as state-of-the-art integrated project dashboards.

“Our ‘approachable nerd’ culture keeps us thinking towards the future while keeping focused on the challenges at hand,” said Nate McKie, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Asynchrony. “Agile development methodology allows us to be highly responsive to the evolving needs of our clients, learning as we go along, ‘failing faster and cheaper,’ adjusting and then getting it right.”

In 2010, Asynchrony joined Schafer Corporation, a scientific and engineering company providing technical solutions to mission critical challenges in national security. Asynchrony has deepened Schafer’s information technology competencies and accelerated the company’s objective of providing innovative support and problem-solving solutions. With the acquisition, Schafer brought additional customers and resources to Asynchrony, accelerating its on-going growth and development.