Since 1972, the Directed Energy (DE) Group has researched and developed laser weapons for the Department of Defense. Our scientists and engineers have experience in the theoretical constructs, systems design, hardware development, modeling and simulation, systems integration, and field testing of these devices. This group is currently divided into four functional areas: the High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office, Modeling and Simulation (M&S), Systems Development, Operations and Sustainment, and Technology. The DE Group has expertise in virtually all areas of DE research, development, testing and deployment of systems to include: the Airborne Laser, Navy Laser Weapon System (LaWS) and Free Electron Laser (FEL), Air Force/DARPA HELLADs, Army/AF Joint High Power Solid State Laser (JHPSSL), and the HEL JTO RELI program tracking and beacon illuminators, and numerous LIDAR, LADAR, and laser communications systems.

Key Technical Expertise

  • Laser Components and Devices
  • Solid State, Fiber and Gas Lasers
  • Beam Control
  • Optical System Design
  • Atmospheric Beam Propagation
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Mobile Platforms