For four decades, Gryphon Schafer has been a dominant leader in advanced concept development, system design, analysis and prototyping of aerospace capabilities for the military and civilian communities. We bring innovative and agile expertise with global presence, unique capabilities, and hands-on experience to support the most complex aerospace applications. Our capabilities include laser system design and development for both space-based communications and advanced weapons, Space Situational Awareness systems to detect, track and identify space objects, integrated network architectures for integrated Missile Defense command and control, design and development of kinetic kill systems, and launch and range support for NASA’s space exploration mission. We are proud to be part of Government, Industry, and Commercial teams that are delivering essential capabilities satisfying critical national security and civilian needs.

We provide a wide variety of engineering and technical services to our Government, prime contractor customers and teammates, and maintain a highly skilled subject matter staff. We pride ourselves in our ability to couple academic principles with engineering applications to support the design, analyses, and development of complex aerospace systems. Our experience includes support to NASA and to Commercial Space Companies.