Gryphon continually focuses on creating the absolute best place to work in the industry. Our Company culture is characterized by a workforce that holds the highest standards of ethics and integrity, focused client care, and commitment to Gryphon’s Core Values

  • Integrity – Deal fairly and honestly with our customers and employees.
  • Ethical Conduct – Exercise honesty, tact, professionalism, patience and courtesy at all times.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Take personal interest and initiative in solving our customers’ problems, handling all customer requests promptly and professionally.
  • Teamwork – Operate as a team, combining our talents and resources to ensure that we are providing quality services to our customers.
  • Excellence – Give our customers full-value and the highest quality in every service we provide.
  • Innovation – Stay on the cutting edge of our business and always be aware of new opportunities.
  • Safety – Adhere to the highest safety standards in all job duties.
  • Sustainability – Protect the environment in which we work and live.
  • Profitable Growth – Achieve corporate growth resulting from effective management of ongoing business operations and continued focus towards the development of new opportunities.