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In December, many of our Asynchrony team members at Scott Air Force Base, IL, participated in the “Spirit of Christmas 2013” charity event with a few others, led by Bill Howard, an employee of Schafer’s joint venture company, Trident Technologies. Bill has been involved with the “Spirit of Christmas” for 10 years, and has enjoyed every minute of it. Every year two families in need are assisted during the Christmas season with furniture and presents.  This year, the group helped the Jones Family (Grandpa, Grandma, Mom and her 5 children) and Ms. Nyesha and her two children. Our team collected four truckloads of gifts for the two families and dropped them off the weekend before Christmas accompanied by Santa Claus.

Spirit of Xmas

The Jones family said this was their best Christmas they have ever had, and they were more than happy to tell everyone about it. Some of the items our team provided were: bicycle, boots, clothes, toys, overalls, dish set, pots & pans, undergarments, microwave, shoes, purses, king size bedroom set, & basic household cleaning items.


As for Ms. Nyesha and her children this event has been life-altering. One of the Spirt of Christmas volunteers assisted Nyesha with her job search efforts which resulted in a full-time job at the Belleville Health Care and Rehab center. She works five days a week and now has medical benefits. Her little boy has daycare and her four year old is now in preschool as they all start a new chapter in their lives. Some of the items our team provided were: clothes, books, puzzles, silverware, microwave, bed, table and chairs, couch, end tables, toys, various gift cards, and basic household items.

Our whole team was so happy to be a part of this experience, and we are all looking forward to it next year!