Key Schafer QA elements

Timelines Project staff receives the direction, equipment, and training to provide high quality work products on time.
Service Delivery Quality Corrective action is taken from the outset of potential risks. The goal is to eliminate risks, problems, and errors.
Quality Feedback Staff performance and work quality is assessed. It is made very clear from the outset that best efforts are required.
Technical Performance Effective and reliable processes that stress attention to detail and the inclusion of quality standards in all schedules and priorities.
Performance Standards Establish challenging service quality goals that are measurable and effective so that successful performance is readily recognized.

Schafer’s QA Techniques and Tools

Define project milestones & execution Focused QA plans, such as PMP
QA training & checklists for evaluations Identify and communicate QA reports, metrics, and trends for stakeholders
Define QA evaluation criteria (e.g. what, when, and how) Lessons Learned, “best practices,” and process improvements to be applied
Develop/review process/product docs Resolve identified quality-related issues
Awareness and knowledge of Government and industry QA standards Verification procedures in place and effective