Schafer Site Rates

  • Prepare a Request for Quote to include a statement of work and a request to submit either a FFP or ceiling price (T&M) proposal. FFP quotes must be based on pricing using the Contract hourly rates and must include any travel costs or other direct costs related to performance of the services ordered, unless the order provides for reimbursement of travel costs at the Federal Travel or Joint Travel Regulations rates. The Request for Quote should describe the basis for selecting the contractor.
  • Transmit the Request for Quote to contractors—based on an initial evaluation of catalogs and price lists, the ordering office should identify the contractors that appear to offer the best value. The request should be provided to three (3) contractors if the proposed order is estimated to exceed the micro-purchase threshold ($2,500) but not exceed the maximum order threshold. For proposed orders expected to receive the maximum order threshold, the request should be provided to additional contractors.
  • Evaluate responses and select the contractor to receive the order—after responses have been evaluated against the factors identified in the request, the order should be placed with the contractor that represents the best value.