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Schafer provided comprehensive technical, management,
and program execution support for the Vehicle and
Dismount Exploitation Radar (VADER) system.

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Schafer Aerospace supported the Peacekeeper
Missile testing.

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Test of the Aerojet rocket
from the NM Spaceport.

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Custom mobility solutions designed
for real-world application.

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In The News

Sep 2, 2014

Military Space and the Synergies with Commercial Space

Jim Faist, Vice President of Military Aerospace, recently spoke with Dr. Livingston of The Space Show to discuss Military Space and its potential synergies with Commercial Space. The Space Show is a radio talk show about space […] Read More
Aug 26, 2014

Agile Remedies for Project Failure

The troubled launch of shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Multiple studies show that large-scale IT projects are almost never delivered as promised and pose a significant risk of complete failure. A […] Read More
Aug 14, 2014

Photonic Frontiers: Rugged Battlefield Lasers

Andy Motes, Directed Energy Manager, was recently featured in LaserFocusWorld discussing how we’re ruggedizing high-energy lasers for the battlefield. Highlights pertaining to Schafer’s contribution to the article are below; you can view the entire […] Read More

Schafer Corporation at 30th Annual National Space Symposium